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Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

Name Elaina, meaning “My GOD has answered”, or bright in some languages. But this witch is really beautiful. Creator Jougi Shiraishi has blended the adventure, life stories, comedy and happiness in proper proportion. This series will take you through some unheard emotional stories.

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The girl named Elaina decided to become a witch by reading a book of a traveler witch. She works towards it and become a “ashen witch”, because her hair color is that of ash and that’ what most beautiful about her. After becoming a witch she starts her journey on broom to various lands from the book. She finds herself in those stories as a traveler. Stories like, a girl on a big flower field, who gives her flowers as a gift which turns out to be curse. While she was crossing over flower field she found a girl who was completely turned into plant along with his brother who came to save her.

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Then the story of capturing a happiness, story of a wall, festival of throwing grapes, a killing of demon, death of lovable wife, a country where people can not lie, getting together with a teacher and her book, capturing her, training a newbie and saving her sister. These will make you smile and feel sad about the character and a funny in a different way.

Best part about the story is that all the 3 books are connected to each other in some way. The 1st book inspires Elaina to be witch. 2nd book of teacher inspire her to write a book about her adventures and 3rd where the results of 1st books journey are carved into Elaina’ book. Spoiler (The 1st book belongs to her mother.)

A light, cheerful and smile bringing series is worth a watch. A 12 episode series available on YouTube on Muse Asia channel in English subtitles. And one more thing ending is something completely unexpected of because there are too many of her.

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