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AI may be the reason for better and worse life: Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s song | Review

When robots or AI take over the world by killing humans, who are going to stop them. Themselves. Vivy Fluorite Eye’s song anime is based in the future world where AI and humans are living together, working together, and in relationship or to say that they are married.

In such a world where AI is in the process to destroy humanity, a scientist one who is responsible for such growth, somehow manages to transfer data back to the past in form of a robot. This robot’s sole purpose is to avoid the war between AI and humans.

It goes back to the time when the first AI robot was built. Its name is Vivy. Vivy was programmed to entertain the humans by singing as a songstress Diva. The task given to her was to “sing from her heart”. Her journey follows that mission and then she meets Matsumoto, an AI from 100 years into the future.

Is this really enough to put the entire faith of humanity in one robot or AI which is a lower version than the future ones? Well, that’s what anime tries to answer and it was satisfactory.

An AI called Vivy

Now the purpose of Vivy is to stop what happened in the future by making changes in the past. Let’s say creating another reality, by stopping things that led to disaster. That disaster was an anti-AI organization, which acts as a villain of the story. Anti-AI organization has one motive, which is to create havoc so that everyone will stop using AI or Robots.

You will see some strong action sequences. The animation is also beautiful. With a good story that has a motive and reason to move forward brings up twists now and then. The best part of the anime for me was when Vivy was introduced to her upgraded version. Not spoiling much I will say that was a turning point for Vivy and for the story. Also, they reveal why only she can save the world. All we have to do is to see how things unfold.

A beautiful AI

The story showcases some of the possibilities that might happen in the real world. Today, in some places robots are used as an assistant, and nurses, for FIR registration and to handle certain operations in the automation industry. Also, in the future, if you don’t want to get married but want a partner who can help you, Robots can do that.

Returning to the story, the task was to create a different chain of reactions that can lead to a different reality in the future. All the data stored from and for AI were put in one building. It keeps on growing decade by decade. The anti-ai factions’ target was to destroy that building. So that all the databases and archives are put to dust. That will cripple the AI. And actions start a small war between AI and Humans.

An AI doll talking.

The action sequence shown in the series is a treat to watch. A smooth action sequence and visually appealing animation will keep you focused. The quality of the animation for certain scenes is changed drastically. It felt like they are trying to match the emotions shown in that scene. The songs are beautiful. You are definitely going to enjoy those.

So is it worth a watch? I would say, Yes. The story you are going to love. There are beautiful songs. Visually appealing scenes, beautiful songs, and fast-paced action with stunning animation will keep you captivated. For sci-fi lovers, it is an action thriller series. To ordinary people, the possibilities of the AI world are enjoyable.

Stone Ocean is the end of Bizzare adventure.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s latest installment Stone Ocean is released on Netflix worldwide. The stone ocean is released in three installments. First 12 episodes were in 2021, the next 12 in September 2022, and the remaining 14 in December 2022. It is as creative as previous ones. And we finally arrived at the end.

The stone ocean is a continuation. Jotaro defeated Dio with his Star Platinum stand. After 25 years, Jotaro’s daughter Jolyne gets arrested under false pretenses. And serves her sentence in Green Dolphin prison. The man named father Pucchi is the main villain of the story. He met Dio before he was defeated by Jotaro Kujo. Father Pucchi wants to attain heaven, according to him, that is happiness. To achieve the happiness he needs to know the secret that Jotaro Kujo knows. To learn that secret he deceives Jolyne and makes her a prisoner. And kill or be killed chase begins.

The story was simple when the first installment came out. To my surprise, it was too plane. The protagonist was cornered into a situation and wants to free herself from prison. Her father comes and loses his memory. Mission accomplished. But why hide them. If I would have in that situation I would have read those memories. I don’t know why they did that. But it gave us some insane action and more weird stands.

The highlight of the first installment was Jolyne’s stand stone ocean. The reason is long range. Just like Edgeshot’s quirk ‘Shishi’ which allows him to fold his body in thin and sharp string. Other than the sharpness, the stone ocean works similarly. It can strangle enemies, spiderman in some cases, and can do some weird tricks if you don’t pay attention.

Now comes the 2nd installment in September 2022. By this time Jolyne somehow manages to save the life of her father. We came across one of the most powerful stand users in an entire series of Jojo’s, ‘Weather Forecast‘. An unpredictable, varied variety of attacks, from small-range to long-range attacks, ability to massacre entire cities in just a few minutes. These are some of the shown abilities in the anime. But if you give it a thought it can do wonders. Mind-blowing ability. The ability to manipulate weather comes in really handy and at the same time, it can mess up the entire plan. And the story does something like that. One can say it has elevated the story to new heights.

Now let us talk about the highlights of the shows. I will try to put in one sentence so that you can still enjoy watching anime even after reading this review. The first highlight will be a fight between a sniper and a father and daughter. The 2nd one will be the ending action scene where the weather forecast uses his ability to rain the poisonous toads. The 3rd one will be chasing the green baby. The 4th one will be the tsukiyonomi loop. Yes! One of Itachi’s abilities. It was insane. The 5th one is my favorite. The imaginary life becomes a reality. It was only for a short amount of time and ended in a hurry. But one of the best parts of the story. It definitely deserves at least 4 episodes of the drama.

The 6th will be nether world. Insane ability to use past events to trap your enemies. The 7th one is the past life of Father Pucchi and his consequences. It fuels the story with a personal touch.

The last and the best is the ending of the story. A peaceful, insane, and justified ending you will ever see in anime. It is very hard to find proper endings in anime. Most of the time anime have a normal ending, like Naruto Shippuden. Sometimes they tease you with possible endings. Could have done this, could have done that, this would have been better, etc. Then other endings will make you say, what the hell. Unjustified. But Stone Ocean has a proper ending with a logical and scientific explanation. If you can’t delete Dio, then shift + delete the entire universe.

Character building is pretty good. Much better than the previous series. Each and every character has their own strong back story. Which brings up some insane action scenes and twists in the story. Some of them are really weird. Other side characters like police, lawyer, judge, and prison mates make their own impact. They tried to create prison scenes as real as possible.

The character F.F. is developed from zero to hero. And has an emotional ending. Anime showcases some strong characters. But unable to do justice. A focused approach to the story can add some drawbacks. Still, you are going to enjoy every character.

That is all there to it. You will see the usual Jojo-style animation. This time as the main character is a female, you will see more elegance. Other male characters feels more normal. That’s it. One more thing you won’t be seeing any weird poses.

A secret, one stand user survives. Only one. And you will never see it coming. Mark my words. As the series offers a proper ending. One can say, that official Jojo series has reached its end. But, Jojoland named manga will begin its serialization this year in March. So new anime is like a decade away.

We can consider it as an end of Joestar’s family bloodline. A new series, Steel Ball Run, set in new universe is coming soon. The key to it might be in the ending of the anime, maybe.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading this review. You can check out other reviews. Comment your opinion down below. Let me know how you like it.

Executioner And her way of life

The title itself tells what this anime is all about. It is a story of a priestess, who is an executioner.

Believe me, this is an Isekia, Yuri anime. But when you watch it, you won’t get a feel of it until they mention it.

The story is simple. People from Tokyo get reincarnated in the magic world. They come with a pure concept of power. Here, the Pure word is literally taken into account. The power, the summoned people possess is unbelievable. It is hard to explain. And the potential way it can be used is unimaginable. The priestess has one job, and it is to execute the otherworldly. And guess what, she is a very well-trained executioner or assassinator.

a dialogue is exchanged between two girls.

So, what is great about it?

It doesn’t follow the plot. The plot is for viewers to tell them it’s a good story. But as the story progresses, twists and turns keep on injecting you. As the episode progresses one can relate it to the Steins Gate anime’s story. A must-watch anime series for all. Here they have taken different aspects of time travel. Time reversal. But only for that person. Not for someone else.

Girls are hugging

As the story progress, it revolves around human error. These errors are causing disruption in the world. But untraceable or to say with low impact. If impacted can change the course of the world.

The animation of the series is average. A simple animation. The story is absolutely great. The last episode is a cliffhanger. The possibilities and Puppet master is revealed. Which makes you wait for the second season. As of the second season, there are no updates.

Girl is eating.

Anything more than this will spoil your fun. So, I will stop here. I am really waiting for its second season. The last episode has a good drama, secrets are revealed, and a big cliffhanger, that most people will never see it coming. But let me give you a hint. It’s not a person.

If you have watched this series already, write down your thoughts in the comment sections. Subscribe for more such reviews.

Odd taxi anime review

Odd taxi takes you on a buzzing mysterious ride.

It is a story of honest taxi driver, who drives taxi for living. A simple man with simple test of life, making his living by helping people to reach their destination everyday.

But what stands out is Odokawa a taxi driver, is walrus. If you haven’t watched Beastars, you definitely came across Zootopia. Animals are shown doing chores instead of humans. Odd taxi is alsoh based on the animal as a leading characters.


The walrus Hiroshi Odokawa lives a relatively normal life. He drives a taxi for a living, and there he meets several unique individuals: the jobless Taichi Kabasawa who is dead-set on going viral, the mysterious nurse Miho Shirakawa, the struggling comedic duo “Homo Sapiens,” and Dobu, a well-known delinquent. But a simple life of Odokawa is about to turn upside down, because of a missing girl, who taken his taxi before she disappear. And that puts odokawa in various situation he never been before.

The best part of the series is dialogue writing. The dialogues will keep you engaged to the last moments of the series. The protagonist Odokawa is very good in handling the troubles coming at him. His straight forward answer and deduction and the ability to remember each individual just from one meeting was just amazing. Dobu the delinquent, and his troubles and great plan to make money are interesting.

The other characters are simple and unidirectional. The duo of comedian wants to become famous, highschool girls with ambition of becoming idols, and their fans, a unemployed friend who want a cute girlfriend, a doctor and thief nurse, a gamer, a cop duo, a young man who wants to be famous, a rapper villain, and last not the least a missing girl.

With so many character with their individual stories, normally it becomes hard to remember. There these animal characters play their roles. Each character is shown with unique link to the animal. Dr. Goriki who is represented as gorilla, Kakihana a friend as a monkey, Dobu a (I think) Mandrill represents certain types of nature we as humans have. And this idea makes it unique to help us remember every character and the entire story even if you watch just one episode for a week. That’s the power of writing , story telling and animation.

With girls missing and pointing out her last seen to Odokawa, meeting with kabasawa and taking a selfie with odokawa and capturing Dobu in picture fuels the beginning of the series. Kabasawa get the opportunity to become famous by capturing Dobu the delinquent in selfie. He post the picture and it went viral, giving the trouble to Odokawa. Dobu then meets odokawa and threatens him to help him in a robbery.

Each and every character is connected in some way to each other. Let’s look into their connections. Odokawa who drives taxi meets lot of people on nightly basis. But with his sharp memory he can remember everyone. The comedian, attention seeker, idols, policemen, a boy, his friend, nurse, and the boss of the story all are connected to the Odokawa in some way.

3 idols competing to be number one and also competing each other. One of them was the daughter of the boss but she died. Her last seen is with Odokawa, while another one is trying to fool the the adults around her to make some quick money with the help of the Mafia and here kakihana comes into. Kabasawa, comedian delinquent 3 idols nurse and doctor aadi regular customer of the Odokawa.

When one murder case is connected to one man and he is connected to the boss of the story, while the co-workers of boss are also want to take out each other are connected to Odokawa directly and indirectly makes thing very interesting. With more people being introduced in every episode sometimes makes it boring and interesting at the same time.

The best part is the climax of the story. Here all the characters are come into play in last 2 episodes showing their relation to each other and making things more complicated at the end. The bank robbery and the kidnapping of Odokawa’s friend play big role. Wilde the mystery of the kidnapped girl is also gets resolved at the end but that is main interesting part of the story. The killer is shown as obsessive person will get what they want. You know only at the last minute of the episode exactly is The killer.

Odokawa’s history something turning point of the story and lot of things changes as his sister coming to how his parents wear how they got into the accident and when we came to know he didn’t remember them actually the way he grown-up and the way he is doing this work to help someone like him. And the disease he has everything different when you get to know that disease. Your perception of looking at the story will change after that. And dad is the biggest twist in the anime.

The best thing about the story is how director and writer use the words and the story telling and connecting them each other is what exactly mekes it more watchable. The quality of the animation and the various camera angle, 2 hours with the knowledge of filmography can understand how much work is put in to that particular scene.

Aur aao it is a one hell of a ride. Anime makes you bit boring at the beginning of the story but as the new people get introduced in the every episode things stars to get little weiry. And keeps you hooked up for the next episode.

If you are looking something different than the usual anime this is the Anime for you. There is no superhero powers, no fantasy, no magical powers, no attitude like never give up, not a single big fighting scene and not big thrilling scenes.

But it is plain, simple, connecting dots with various people, and their characters makes it stand out from other animes. Go and check it out.

Mirai no Mirai: A Child’s Time Leap

From the director of the girl who leapt through time.

Mirai no Mirai in English is known as Miria of the future. The meaning of the word Mirai is the future. It is written and directed by Mamoru Hosada and produced by Studio Chizu.

Mirai no Mirai


It is a story of a 4-year-old boy, who has all the attention and love of family members. Then her little sister, Mirai is born. And she grabs all the attention of Mother and father. He starts to feel jealous. He lashes out at his parents, more towards his father as he was working from the job while his mother went on a business trip. On Girls Doll day he wants to play with his father but he has to work after looking at Mirai and the entire home. Being frustrated he run towards the garden. Then suddenly the environment changes and a young girl appears through the bush. Scolding him not to hurt Mirai. And the adventure of Kun begins.

The protagonist, Kun, travels through a various time zone. As he travels, he experiences many things to become a good big brother and fight the fear. As she stole all the attention of his parents he starts to hate Mirai. Mirai from the future comes and tells his small big brother to behave with her more politely. But anger has blinded him. Then he travels to the time when his mother was 5-year-old. That was his 1st time in the past. Where he learns how his mom was.

time travel anime

Then once again he travels to the 80′ era. There he meets his great grandfather, who was working in the airplane company to creator a fighter plane. Due to the injury, he has to work at a motor company. It is also one of the best parts of the movie. Kun has never seen one Horse in his life, rides on it. His great grandfather takes him on the ride. As he was riding, he learns a lesson, once you learn to ride on something, then you can ride on everything. The rest are the same.

The first few events look like they are the imagination of the child as he wants to play with someone. Also, the magic portal was never shown in the movie. The imagination is childish too. So don’t put much of the impact on viewers like us. But if you think from the child’s perspective they are big and terrifying. If we look back on ourselves those problems were nothing compared to today’s one.

time travel tree

The movie was totally for children. It also relates to real life. The characters and the folk stories are also related to today’s world. As both parents are working and raising the children’s will never be easy. It showcases many life aspects of children and parents. How a child feels when he was not given any attention. And how past present and future are connected.

The key thing to look at will be the design of the house. It is different and open means you can see the sun, feel the rain, and can play in the snow. Second, scenes where he travels through many time zones. The best scene for me was riding on a motorbike. Then visiting each time zone with his future sister, including future himself along with the swallow. The time tree was amazing. Last, not least his train obsession.

  • mirai no mirai


The experience you will feel is amazing. It will blast past through you. The roar of the engine, the swirl of the fish, and the passing through clouds are just amazing. A must-watch anime for everyone and if you have a child then watch with them. If I need to sum it up in words then it will be, A beautiful childish hour of life.

Redo of the Healer: A Revenge story

It is a hardcore revenge story.

It is a Japanese fantasy light novel series written by Rui Tsukiyo and illustrated by Shiokonbu. A dark fantasy series true to its name.


It is a story of the Healer who wants to redo his entire life. It begins with a fight between heroes and the demon lord. Heroes lost the fight. Because of Hero of the Healer. He is holding his power back. He attacked at the last only to steal philosopher stone. With that stone, he can redo his entire life. Then he reversed the time to where he was chosen as Hero of the Healer. His name is Keyaru. He is a boy from a remote, living simple life. One day he receives power from spirit. The power to heal people, a good one, where killing a people with that power wasn’t a question Then he was called to the kingdom to serve as Hero of the Healer.

The power he got had one flaw. Whenever he heals someone he suffers their pain. He can experience everything they have experienced at the time of damage. Which is typically a trauma for Keyaru and it impacted his mental health. By knowing this fact, King asked the help of a doctor to take care of him. But her 1st daughter Flare, who is a hero herself, decides to take care of him. Instead of helping him, she started to drug him every day and abused him physically, mentally, and sexually every time. He became a dog of her. She used him as a healer in daylight and as a sandbag, and as a lab rat at night. Not just her, also her other heroes started doing the same thing. One day he came back to his senses and decides to take revenge on them in the same way they did on him. He redoes his entire life.

Redo of healer

After redoing the time, with the memory of the past time, he prepared himself for the upcoming troubles. Gained resistance to the narcotics. And started to steal the skills of people whom he heals. By doing so he has the power of Alchemy, sword fighter, shapeshifter, and many more which are showcased over the period. This all happens in just 2 episodes.

Then one day while being drugged he remembers everything again. As he lost his purpose when he was abused and drugged every time. And revenge begins. So far so good. But it completely takes an 18+ route with no turning back. A revenge fantasy story turns into a revenge harem story. The way the entire story is written is completely cruel and focused on revenge-harem. Every revenge is bloody hell. He has multiple powers from sword style to a shapeshifter, healing to destructing things. He was shown as unstoppable. He can do anything to take revenge. He alters the memory of 1st princess and tells her she belongs to him. She became a toy for him and use her as he, please.

Then he buys slave with same motto as he has. Setsuna a Demi-human who hates humans for killing her tribe people. He helps her to take revenge on the humans who did that to them. She takes revenge and takes a oath to not hurt innocent humans. It gives the feel of Shield hero but the very last few minutes of the episode ruins the name of Shield hero. You are wrong to assume it was a Shield hero. He sleeps with her. Not for just one time, every time we when night arises. Same goes when he fight with a Knight of the Kingdom. She is a woman whom he healed once and stolen swords skill from her. Now he has more than one in his bed. Writer don’t just stop there. He take it to another level by adding two more in the by the end of the series.

redo of the healer

To be honest the story picks up when demon arc starts. A free country where both humans and demons live together. The Kings daughters are villains of the story. The Kings second daughter Ellen, who wants to take over the free place and wants to kill every living being from that place arrives in the city. Unfortunately Keyaru was staying there. There he get the opportunity to take a revenge on Hero of the Sword. The way he takes the revenge on Hero of the sword is very cruel. Bit disturbing when you give a second thought to it.


Not revealing much of story, is it worth a watch? It is actually dark revenge anime according to me if you eliminate the harem part. Each revenge is unique in their own way. It is not something you will cheer up after revenge is taken, like in Shield Hero. It is completely different revenge story you had ever watched. Action scenes are good, friendship and business angle, story is too engaging, and you can connect to lot of emotional scenes. Ya! You should give it a try.

Elfen Lied anime review | Anime FN

  • Elfen lied is anime series Produced by Arms Corporation and directed by Mamoru Kanbe. A 13 episode series was full of blood and emotions.


In this story, humans who are born with horns on their heads are dangerous for humanity. Why is that? They are bloodthirsty and don’t know other than killing humans. In this series, a girl named Lucy, who was the first human to have the horns was constantly bullied by her classmates. She was different and get bullied for her horns. These differences come with additional power. Along with horns, she has 2 extra hands which are invisible but are sharp as Zoro’s blade(Katana). Things get worse as her classmate does horrible things to her loved ones. Despair and hatred bring the hell out of her, and she kills all her classmates. Then to live a life, she needs a place to stay. So she kills all the people from that house. The blood is all over the wall. And she walks as nothing happened. That’s a terrifying scene. It is just a past story of Lucy.


I the beginning of the series She was kept in the lab for various tests and one day she escapes. The very first episode is filled with bloodshed. Around 22 soldiers are getting killed in mere 4 minutes. After killing, as she was escaping from the lab she got shot on the left side of her forehead. She lost her memory for a short period. Here comes the twist. When she lost her memory she behaves like a 3-year child. A bloodthirsty girl starts behaving like a child, it takes time to accept such changes throughout the series. But it gives an emotional angle to a story. There is a boy, Kohta, who takes her in. She somehow doesn’t kill him, after regaining her memory. Why is that? You have to watch the last few episodes. To me, that was the core of the story. Otherwise, it doesn’t have a great plot to keep going.

The people from the lab tries to kill her by sending army agents, and other girls who have similar power. There are other side characters which are basically to entertain you in the journey. But not much impactful. At a first glance, the series seems like, what the hell is going on. And at the end of 1st episode, it kinda turns into fan service. The entire atmosphere of thrill got ruined by the last few minutes of the very first episode. It never gives you the chill again in an entire series. That is the biggest flaw in the series.

Elfen_Lied anime review

Talking about characters, you don’t see a single strong character around which the series was built. It breaks into several parts. Which is good at the beginning but it doesn’t hold at the climax. There is a character of a soldier who was so excellent in killing the enemy doesn’t have much work in the last fight. He just vanishes in thin air. He was shown as a troublemaker. But the author left the job in half. But all the ladies and girls have done their job. From Nana who wants to have a normal life with the horns, Yuka who was in love with Kohta has some good moments and plays a major part in the supporting role. Mayu a runaway girl finds a family she was looking for. And the secretary of scientists gets killed while fulfilling her job. They are all fitted to their part. Other than Kohta, and Dr. Kurama other male characters are to fill up the timeline.

Elfen-Lied wallpaper


It has a simple animation style. Nothing is done over the top. Action scenes are justified. The ocean scenes are the best in the series. The stairway filled with flowers and a shining seashore is just mesmerizing. The strong part is bloodshed. The way they have shown it terrifies whoever watching it the first time. They are gone into details to show the bones, blood vessels, and muscles after cutting them in half. There is one scene, where a scientist was blown in half, her rib cage, intestine, and liver are shown just for a second.

Elfen Lied


The story is average. Some characters are not justified. Yes, It was a completely different story. But didn’t delivers what it promises in 1st episode. The ending of the series is satisfactory. One more, soundtracks are good and they add depth to the scenes. Overall it is a one-time watch. I will rate 6/10.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the article and you can read more reviews from the blog section. 🙏

Wonder Egg Priority: Review

A colorful way to solve an issue.

Wonder Egg priority is an anime television series created and written by Shinji Nojima. It is dark, fantasy, and psychological. Clover Works studio had done fantastic animation. It is pretty, cute, colorful, and heartwarming.


It is the story of Ai Ohto, who has heterochromia. In heterochromia, a person will have color differences in the iris. This difference leads to bullying. And she doesn’t have a single friend to talk to. Then one day a girl named Koito gets transferred to her class. Koito extends her friendship to Ai, but due to a lack of confidence Ai doesn’t talk much with Koito. But she was happy that she has a friend. But she was afraid of Koito being bullied.

Koito Egg
Wonder egg priority wallpaper

And it happened, Koito gets bullied by other girls, to such extent she commits suicide. The story doesn’t tell much about her reason for suicide. After this incident, Ai stops coming to the school. One night she hears some strange voices that lead her to pick up an egg that looks like a real egg. She is then transported into a dream world. In this world, she is given opportunities to save others like her in order to bring back her only friend Koito, whom she lost to suicide.

As the episode goes by Ai meets other girls like her. Neiru Aunoma who runs a business, Rika Kawai is a junior model, and Momoe Sawaki a girl who is often mistaken for a boy, become friends with Ai Ohto. Then comes the twist in the story. Who made those eggs? Why do girls come out of them? How is this going to bring back dead people? Why does it exist? Who created it? What is the reason behind it? These questions are answered in the last 3 episodes, which sets a completely different stage for 2nd season. And there is more to it. The villain is yet to show its true color.


Animation is just pretty. Each and every character is well dressed and well drew. Someplace animation is stunning. The action scenes are impactful and colorful. You can feel the rush and power while watching it. To me, the villain or bad characters are the best part. I got a question, how can you imagine something like that? They are funny, weird, and creepy. Clover Works has shown its quality animation once again. The opening song is unique. They use actual images in the songs which makes it attractive to watch every time.


Overall it is worth a watch(8/10). It targets high school time, where students are getting bullied for their differences. Which leads to suicide. It is a very bad thing to happen. We want our children to enjoy their life, not to end. This series tells us to fight back against bullying, wherever it might be. If you fight, you will survive. If you endure it, misery and death will happen. Make sure not to be part of bullying and try to never let it happen wherever you live.

Yasuke the black Samurai: Review

Tale of Black samurai.

It is a tale of legend, the black samurai from feudal Japan who served under the Japanese Daimyo Oda Nobunaga. It is a journey of a black man from being a servant to becoming a Samurai of Japan. And also, he is the one who killed Oda Nobunaga, his Lord. It is a Netflix anime of 6 episodes, every 30 minutes. Based on a true story, with supernatural addition like magic, mutants, shapeshifters, and robots.


A merchant who came to Japan to sell his goods has a black servant who is well trained to protect him. In a little fight between a man and child over a small issue turning into bloodshed, he steps in and protects the child. This shows he is a man of justice. Nobunaga was around there and watching all the drama. He takes a liking to him and decided to take him. And in few minutes he becomes a Samurai and fights alongside Nobunaga in war.

But that’ just one part of the story. How he becomes a Samurai, what kind of things he did showed to becomes Samurai are not shown. Which is a weak part of the story. Then the story moves from a 40-year-old black boatman to when he was Samurai, whenever he closed his eyes. The first few minutes are in present and then suddenly in the past where war was happening. And also the pace of the story is faster and hard to digest. Many things are untold, like how some people have powers, the technology used in robots, shapeshifters, mages, and why war is happening. Many questions go unanswered. This is another weak part of the story.

After the 3rd episode, the story becomes smoother and revealing. There is a girl who is powerful enough to take down the enemy by herself. But unknown to her ability, she fears the power she has. But she uses them to protect herself. She learns to control her fear and starts to believe in herself.

The ending is satisfactory considering the pace of the story. Dialogues are well written but sometimes it feels like something is missing. The push for the emotions is not delivered.


The animation is done by Studio MAPPA. My opinion on the animation is a bit mixed. It is really good at some points. Action scenes are too good, like the swing of the blade, flow of blood, shape-shifting. But it doesn’t deliver the quality that we saw in the Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen. At some places, sword fights, sparks, blasts are made in 2D. Background scenes are well-drawn. I liked the character designs, especially the scars. They look like tattoos but are his battle scars.


It fails to deliver what was the original story. Instead, the superpowers and technology drag it down. Many things are left unanswered. The pace of the story might be a problem for some people. Overall, it is a one-time watch and not a must-watch anime. Rating around 6 out of 10. Last words, it could be a lot better and there is more to it.