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Terror in Resonance

Terror defines extreme fear. But this series exhibit the thrill in the story. From the creator of Cowboy Bebop and from emerging MAPPA studio.

terror in resonance review anime
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Terror in resonance is a story of highschool boys who want to show the world we exist. It is a crime, thriller, action anime with a gripping story. 11 episodes with puzzles and good animation.

It has two key factors. One is story opens up with every episode like a puzzle. The bombs are set and if cops don’t solve the puzzle, boom. Second the direction of the anime. Each scene puts a impact on viewers. With just 11 episodes it gives you a feel of, ” It is too good.” More or the less one must watch underrated anime.

Story goes like this, two highschool want to show that they are exist in the world. Back when they are orphan they are taken to some place and declared dead to the rest of the society. Being alive but don’t have any identity is what it hurts them. (Spoiler- They want to tell the people what is been done to them when they were taken to that place, a dark story, you can think about the L, M and N from …) Each episode comes with a new puzzle and old stories of egyptian culture. Cops are challenged to solve the puzzle. Then you will get the gem in charcoal and things start to happen.

But it changes in midway when FBI interfere. Then it becomes more personal and cat and mouse action begins. Bit personal but sad ending and Hiroshima and Nagasaki incident.

terrorinresonance review
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About characters, they are all serious, dead serious, believe me. Rating 8/10, a must watch series as MAPPA is doing great job. Arigato for reading this review.

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