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Moriarty The Patriot: Unknown tales of Sherlock’ archenemy.

Famous detective sherlock Holmes and his tale is known to all. Also the Final problem where he faces his archenemy Prof. James Moriarty and end up dying along with him. Who is the James Moriarty and why he considered Sherlock as his enemy? The unknown tale of unknown person who only introduced twice and mentioned 4-5 times in books and known to very few. This series trying to show the journey of James Moriarty and his ambitions and sherlock Holmes. Lets begin.

Story is set in the late early 19′ in Europe where class system is creating discrimination in the society as lower class and noble people. Lower class boy James he is good at analyzing the information and helps the people to solve their problems. Afterwards Moriarty a noble family adopts him and his brother Louis. They get close to the Oldest son of family and decided to kill the rest of the family. For what? watch the series available on YouTube Muse Asia channel. His sense of Justice is worth a watch and the way it is delivered is something most of the society wants even now.

Punishing the evil people and removing them in evil way to free the world from discriminatory view is his goal. By becoming noble he gains the influence on big places including army. But the tale and stories are most intense.

The direction of each episode gives take you to the early 20′ era. The smoke, fog, buildings, vehicles, buildings and environment you will appreciate it for sure. Character design and the intro is simple but classy. The 11 episode series is just awesome to watch. Best part when sherlock and James meet each other and twist in Sherlock’ life begins. He becomes a mere tool for James to solve the case. The rest is up to you to watch. After 2017 we once again came across a genius detective but this time two of them. To put it in a metaphoric way, ‘ A lion is dancing on the rhythm of ring master.’

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