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Redo of the Healer: A Revenge story

It is a hardcore revenge story.

It is a Japanese fantasy light novel series written by Rui Tsukiyo and illustrated by Shiokonbu. A dark fantasy series true to its name.


It is a story of the Healer who wants to redo his entire life. It begins with a fight between heroes and the demon lord. Heroes lost the fight. Because of Hero of the Healer. He is holding his power back. He attacked at the last only to steal philosopher stone. With that stone, he can redo his entire life. Then he reversed the time to where he was chosen as Hero of the Healer. His name is Keyaru. He is a boy from a remote, living simple life. One day he receives power from spirit. The power to heal people, a good one, where killing a people with that power wasn’t a question Then he was called to the kingdom to serve as Hero of the Healer.

The power he got had one flaw. Whenever he heals someone he suffers their pain. He can experience everything they have experienced at the time of damage. Which is typically a trauma for Keyaru and it impacted his mental health. By knowing this fact, King asked the help of a doctor to take care of him. But her 1st daughter Flare, who is a hero herself, decides to take care of him. Instead of helping him, she started to drug him every day and abused him physically, mentally, and sexually every time. He became a dog of her. She used him as a healer in daylight and as a sandbag, and as a lab rat at night. Not just her, also her other heroes started doing the same thing. One day he came back to his senses and decides to take revenge on them in the same way they did on him. He redoes his entire life.

Redo of healer

After redoing the time, with the memory of the past time, he prepared himself for the upcoming troubles. Gained resistance to the narcotics. And started to steal the skills of people whom he heals. By doing so he has the power of Alchemy, sword fighter, shapeshifter, and many more which are showcased over the period. This all happens in just 2 episodes.

Then one day while being drugged he remembers everything again. As he lost his purpose when he was abused and drugged every time. And revenge begins. So far so good. But it completely takes an 18+ route with no turning back. A revenge fantasy story turns into a revenge harem story. The way the entire story is written is completely cruel and focused on revenge-harem. Every revenge is bloody hell. He has multiple powers from sword style to a shapeshifter, healing to destructing things. He was shown as unstoppable. He can do anything to take revenge. He alters the memory of 1st princess and tells her she belongs to him. She became a toy for him and use her as he, please.

Then he buys slave with same motto as he has. Setsuna a Demi-human who hates humans for killing her tribe people. He helps her to take revenge on the humans who did that to them. She takes revenge and takes a oath to not hurt innocent humans. It gives the feel of Shield hero but the very last few minutes of the episode ruins the name of Shield hero. You are wrong to assume it was a Shield hero. He sleeps with her. Not for just one time, every time we when night arises. Same goes when he fight with a Knight of the Kingdom. She is a woman whom he healed once and stolen swords skill from her. Now he has more than one in his bed. Writer don’t just stop there. He take it to another level by adding two more in the by the end of the series.

redo of the healer

To be honest the story picks up when demon arc starts. A free country where both humans and demons live together. The Kings daughters are villains of the story. The Kings second daughter Ellen, who wants to take over the free place and wants to kill every living being from that place arrives in the city. Unfortunately Keyaru was staying there. There he get the opportunity to take a revenge on Hero of the Sword. The way he takes the revenge on Hero of the sword is very cruel. Bit disturbing when you give a second thought to it.


Not revealing much of story, is it worth a watch? It is actually dark revenge anime according to me if you eliminate the harem part. Each revenge is unique in their own way. It is not something you will cheer up after revenge is taken, like in Shield Hero. It is completely different revenge story you had ever watched. Action scenes are good, friendship and business angle, story is too engaging, and you can connect to lot of emotional scenes. Ya! You should give it a try.

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