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Mirai no Mirai: A Child’s Time Leap

From the director of the girl who leapt through time.

Mirai no Mirai in English is known as Miria of the future. The meaning of the word Mirai is the future. It is written and directed by Mamoru Hosada and produced by Studio Chizu.

Mirai no Mirai


It is a story of a 4-year-old boy, who has all the attention and love of family members. Then her little sister, Mirai is born. And she grabs all the attention of Mother and father. He starts to feel jealous. He lashes out at his parents, more towards his father as he was working from the job while his mother went on a business trip. On Girls Doll day he wants to play with his father but he has to work after looking at Mirai and the entire home. Being frustrated he run towards the garden. Then suddenly the environment changes and a young girl appears through the bush. Scolding him not to hurt Mirai. And the adventure of Kun begins.

The protagonist, Kun, travels through a various time zone. As he travels, he experiences many things to become a good big brother and fight the fear. As she stole all the attention of his parents he starts to hate Mirai. Mirai from the future comes and tells his small big brother to behave with her more politely. But anger has blinded him. Then he travels to the time when his mother was 5-year-old. That was his 1st time in the past. Where he learns how his mom was.

time travel anime

Then once again he travels to the 80′ era. There he meets his great grandfather, who was working in the airplane company to creator a fighter plane. Due to the injury, he has to work at a motor company. It is also one of the best parts of the movie. Kun has never seen one Horse in his life, rides on it. His great grandfather takes him on the ride. As he was riding, he learns a lesson, once you learn to ride on something, then you can ride on everything. The rest are the same.

The first few events look like they are the imagination of the child as he wants to play with someone. Also, the magic portal was never shown in the movie. The imagination is childish too. So don’t put much of the impact on viewers like us. But if you think from the child’s perspective they are big and terrifying. If we look back on ourselves those problems were nothing compared to today’s one.

time travel tree

The movie was totally for children. It also relates to real life. The characters and the folk stories are also related to today’s world. As both parents are working and raising the children’s will never be easy. It showcases many life aspects of children and parents. How a child feels when he was not given any attention. And how past present and future are connected.

The key thing to look at will be the design of the house. It is different and open means you can see the sun, feel the rain, and can play in the snow. Second, scenes where he travels through many time zones. The best scene for me was riding on a motorbike. Then visiting each time zone with his future sister, including future himself along with the swallow. The time tree was amazing. Last, not least his train obsession.

  • mirai no mirai


The experience you will feel is amazing. It will blast past through you. The roar of the engine, the swirl of the fish, and the passing through clouds are just amazing. A must-watch anime for everyone and if you have a child then watch with them. If I need to sum it up in words then it will be, A beautiful childish hour of life.

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