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AI may be the reason for better and worse life: Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s song | Review

When robots or AI take over the world by killing humans, who are going to stop them. Themselves. Vivy Fluorite Eye’s song anime is based in the future world where AI and humans are living together, working together, and in relationship or to say that they are married.

In such a world where AI is in the process to destroy humanity, a scientist one who is responsible for such growth, somehow manages to transfer data back to the past in form of a robot. This robot’s sole purpose is to avoid the war between AI and humans.

It goes back to the time when the first AI robot was built. Its name is Vivy. Vivy was programmed to entertain the humans by singing as a songstress Diva. The task given to her was to “sing from her heart”. Her journey follows that mission and then she meets Matsumoto, an AI from 100 years into the future.

Is this really enough to put the entire faith of humanity in one robot or AI which is a lower version than the future ones? Well, that’s what anime tries to answer and it was satisfactory.

An AI called Vivy

Now the purpose of Vivy is to stop what happened in the future by making changes in the past. Let’s say creating another reality, by stopping things that led to disaster. That disaster was an anti-AI organization, which acts as a villain of the story. Anti-AI organization has one motive, which is to create havoc so that everyone will stop using AI or Robots.

You will see some strong action sequences. The animation is also beautiful. With a good story that has a motive and reason to move forward brings up twists now and then. The best part of the anime for me was when Vivy was introduced to her upgraded version. Not spoiling much I will say that was a turning point for Vivy and for the story. Also, they reveal why only she can save the world. All we have to do is to see how things unfold.

A beautiful AI

The story showcases some of the possibilities that might happen in the real world. Today, in some places robots are used as an assistant, and nurses, for FIR registration and to handle certain operations in the automation industry. Also, in the future, if you don’t want to get married but want a partner who can help you, Robots can do that.

Returning to the story, the task was to create a different chain of reactions that can lead to a different reality in the future. All the data stored from and for AI were put in one building. It keeps on growing decade by decade. The anti-ai factions’ target was to destroy that building. So that all the databases and archives are put to dust. That will cripple the AI. And actions start a small war between AI and Humans.

An AI doll talking.

The action sequence shown in the series is a treat to watch. A smooth action sequence and visually appealing animation will keep you focused. The quality of the animation for certain scenes is changed drastically. It felt like they are trying to match the emotions shown in that scene. The songs are beautiful. You are definitely going to enjoy those.

So is it worth a watch? I would say, Yes. The story you are going to love. There are beautiful songs. Visually appealing scenes, beautiful songs, and fast-paced action with stunning animation will keep you captivated. For sci-fi lovers, it is an action thriller series. To ordinary people, the possibilities of the AI world are enjoyable.

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