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Stone Ocean is the end of Bizzare adventure.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s latest installment Stone Ocean is released on Netflix worldwide. The stone ocean is released in three installments. First 12 episodes were in 2021, the next 12 in September 2022, and the remaining 14 in December 2022. It is as creative as previous ones. And we finally arrived at the end.

The stone ocean is a continuation. Jotaro defeated Dio with his Star Platinum stand. After 25 years, Jotaro’s daughter Jolyne gets arrested under false pretenses. And serves her sentence in Green Dolphin prison. The man named father Pucchi is the main villain of the story. He met Dio before he was defeated by Jotaro Kujo. Father Pucchi wants to attain heaven, according to him, that is happiness. To achieve the happiness he needs to know the secret that Jotaro Kujo knows. To learn that secret he deceives Jolyne and makes her a prisoner. And kill or be killed chase begins.

The story was simple when the first installment came out. To my surprise, it was too plane. The protagonist was cornered into a situation and wants to free herself from prison. Her father comes and loses his memory. Mission accomplished. But why hide them. If I would have in that situation I would have read those memories. I don’t know why they did that. But it gave us some insane action and more weird stands.

The highlight of the first installment was Jolyne’s stand stone ocean. The reason is long range. Just like Edgeshot’s quirk ‘Shishi’ which allows him to fold his body in thin and sharp string. Other than the sharpness, the stone ocean works similarly. It can strangle enemies, spiderman in some cases, and can do some weird tricks if you don’t pay attention.

Now comes the 2nd installment in September 2022. By this time Jolyne somehow manages to save the life of her father. We came across one of the most powerful stand users in an entire series of Jojo’s, ‘Weather Forecast‘. An unpredictable, varied variety of attacks, from small-range to long-range attacks, ability to massacre entire cities in just a few minutes. These are some of the shown abilities in the anime. But if you give it a thought it can do wonders. Mind-blowing ability. The ability to manipulate weather comes in really handy and at the same time, it can mess up the entire plan. And the story does something like that. One can say it has elevated the story to new heights.

Now let us talk about the highlights of the shows. I will try to put in one sentence so that you can still enjoy watching anime even after reading this review. The first highlight will be a fight between a sniper and a father and daughter. The 2nd one will be the ending action scene where the weather forecast uses his ability to rain the poisonous toads. The 3rd one will be chasing the green baby. The 4th one will be the tsukiyonomi loop. Yes! One of Itachi’s abilities. It was insane. The 5th one is my favorite. The imaginary life becomes a reality. It was only for a short amount of time and ended in a hurry. But one of the best parts of the story. It definitely deserves at least 4 episodes of the drama.

The 6th will be nether world. Insane ability to use past events to trap your enemies. The 7th one is the past life of Father Pucchi and his consequences. It fuels the story with a personal touch.

The last and the best is the ending of the story. A peaceful, insane, and justified ending you will ever see in anime. It is very hard to find proper endings in anime. Most of the time anime have a normal ending, like Naruto Shippuden. Sometimes they tease you with possible endings. Could have done this, could have done that, this would have been better, etc. Then other endings will make you say, what the hell. Unjustified. But Stone Ocean has a proper ending with a logical and scientific explanation. If you can’t delete Dio, then shift + delete the entire universe.

Character building is pretty good. Much better than the previous series. Each and every character has their own strong back story. Which brings up some insane action scenes and twists in the story. Some of them are really weird. Other side characters like police, lawyer, judge, and prison mates make their own impact. They tried to create prison scenes as real as possible.

The character F.F. is developed from zero to hero. And has an emotional ending. Anime showcases some strong characters. But unable to do justice. A focused approach to the story can add some drawbacks. Still, you are going to enjoy every character.

That is all there to it. You will see the usual Jojo-style animation. This time as the main character is a female, you will see more elegance. Other male characters feels more normal. That’s it. One more thing you won’t be seeing any weird poses.

A secret, one stand user survives. Only one. And you will never see it coming. Mark my words. As the series offers a proper ending. One can say, that official Jojo series has reached its end. But, Jojoland named manga will begin its serialization this year in March. So new anime is like a decade away.

We can consider it as an end of Joestar’s family bloodline. A new series, Steel Ball Run, set in new universe is coming soon. The key to it might be in the ending of the anime, maybe.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed reading this review. You can check out other reviews. Comment your opinion down below. Let me know how you like it.

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