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Executioner And her way of life

The title itself tells what this anime is all about. It is a story of a priestess, who is an executioner.

Believe me, this is an Isekia, Yuri anime. But when you watch it, you won’t get a feel of it until they mention it.

The story is simple. People from Tokyo get reincarnated in the magic world. They come with a pure concept of power. Here, the Pure word is literally taken into account. The power, the summoned people possess is unbelievable. It is hard to explain. And the potential way it can be used is unimaginable. The priestess has one job, and it is to execute the otherworldly. And guess what, she is a very well-trained executioner or assassinator.

a dialogue is exchanged between two girls.

So, what is great about it?

It doesn’t follow the plot. The plot is for viewers to tell them it’s a good story. But as the story progresses, twists and turns keep on injecting you. As the episode progresses one can relate it to the Steins Gate anime’s story. A must-watch anime series for all. Here they have taken different aspects of time travel. Time reversal. But only for that person. Not for someone else.

Girls are hugging

As the story progress, it revolves around human error. These errors are causing disruption in the world. But untraceable or to say with low impact. If impacted can change the course of the world.

The animation of the series is average. A simple animation. The story is absolutely great. The last episode is a cliffhanger. The possibilities and Puppet master is revealed. Which makes you wait for the second season. As of the second season, there are no updates.

Girl is eating.

Anything more than this will spoil your fun. So, I will stop here. I am really waiting for its second season. The last episode has a good drama, secrets are revealed, and a big cliffhanger, that most people will never see it coming. But let me give you a hint. It’s not a person.

If you have watched this series already, write down your thoughts in the comment sections. Subscribe for more such reviews.

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