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Wonder Egg Priority: Review

Wonder egg Priority

A colorful way to solve an issue.

Wonder Egg priority is an anime television series created and written by Shinji Nojima. It is dark, fantasy, and psychological. Clover Works studio had done fantastic animation. It is pretty, cute, colorful, and heartwarming.


It is the story of Ai Ohto, who has heterochromia. In heterochromia, a person will have color differences in the iris. This difference leads to bullying. And she doesn’t have a single friend to talk to. Then one day a girl named Koito gets transferred to her class. Koito extends her friendship to Ai, but due to a lack of confidence Ai doesn’t talk much with Koito. But she was happy that she has a friend. But she was afraid of Koito being bullied.

Koito Egg
Wonder egg priority wallpaper

And it happened, Koito gets bullied by other girls, to such extent she commits suicide. The story doesn’t tell much about her reason for suicide. After this incident, Ai stops coming to the school. One night she hears some strange voices that lead her to pick up an egg that looks like a real egg. She is then transported into a dream world. In this world, she is given opportunities to save others like her in order to bring back her only friend Koito, whom she lost to suicide.

As the episode goes by Ai meets other girls like her. Neiru Aunoma who runs a business, Rika Kawai is a junior model, and Momoe Sawaki a girl who is often mistaken for a boy, become friends with Ai Ohto. Then comes the twist in the story. Who made those eggs? Why do girls come out of them? How is this going to bring back dead people? Why does it exist? Who created it? What is the reason behind it? These questions are answered in the last 3 episodes, which sets a completely different stage for 2nd season. And there is more to it. The villain is yet to show its true color.


Animation is just pretty. Each and every character is well dressed and well drew. Someplace animation is stunning. The action scenes are impactful and colorful. You can feel the rush and power while watching it. To me, the villain or bad characters are the best part. I got a question, how can you imagine something like that? They are funny, weird, and creepy. Clover Works has shown its quality animation once again. The opening song is unique. They use actual images in the songs which makes it attractive to watch every time.


Overall it is worth a watch(8/10). It targets high school time, where students are getting bullied for their differences. Which leads to suicide. It is a very bad thing to happen. We want our children to enjoy their life, not to end. This series tells us to fight back against bullying, wherever it might be. If you fight, you will survive. If you endure it, misery and death will happen. Make sure not to be part of bullying and try to never let it happen wherever you live.

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