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Mushoku Tensai: Controversial Isekai

Mushuko Tensia : Jobless reincarnation

Another Isekai, from nowhere to a gripping story. Mushuko tensai is a story of a boy who was bullied by his classmates, stuck inside the house playing games, and cursing others with the body of rock from the movie Central Intelligence. Guess what it got the classic animation that attracts you to watch it. It is nothing special and it doesn’t have any extra or ordinary story. But it has the most important thing, Fan service.

Mushoko tesai AnimeFN

The story starts with the same setup, 1st MC dies in his world and gets reincarnated to do some good things or he wants to do. Same pattern is followed. But his journey is showed from being a baby to the 7-year-old teacher who uses king-level magic spells. Has a good hand in magic and weak in physical ability. He knows lot of things but lacks in experience. As further story grows it takes a different turn when he want to join the magic school. And that’s where the engine starts to me. The rest before is a set, typical storyline for Isekai. Expect for few Subaru and Shield Hero.

Now about Fan Service. It has a many scenes like, making out, someone is getting aroused because of making out, trying to touch, removing underwear, and best part how when he want to know what is hidden under that underwear. Sometimes they become extreme considering the age, and the way showed they. One more point to note, YouTube is allowing it to a wider audience. It is like don’t hold back you have a license to publish 18+ content on YouTube.

P.S. His parents just can’t stop.

Mushoko Tensai Animation

The action is taken by Chinese streaming media Bilibili and they stopped airing shows in china due to one scene in which everyone will think that,’ it is too much’. But after that episode, the entire series takes a big turn and things get completely different. MC is no more the same guy. He becomes… you should watch it. It is available on Muse Asia Channel for free. The blue guy down in the image is insane, vary insane. Watch out for him.

Mushoko tensai
twitter: funimation


let’s talk about animation. The animation studio is Studio Bind. Animation is superb and each detail is well-drawn. The angle and the frames sometimes give you awesome moments. Action scenes are inflow and give some glimpse from Naruto. And one more thing, the family drama is best. One thing to note this is the first full fledged anime series by Studio Bind, might be the next Madhouse.


It is 11 episode series with 2nd season on the line. Let’s say a one-time watch that gives you good animation, fan services, and suspense to wait for the second season. The overall rating is 6 out of 10. But at some point it gives of the scent that something big is coming in 2nd season. Only manga readers knows the big deal. Critics are welcome.
Hope you enjoyed the reading. There are some good anime, down here. Read them and enjoy them with a snack.

One thought on “Mushoku Tensai: Controversial Isekai

  1. This was one of my favorites this season. Never missed and episode and times I watched that latest at least three times. Wishing a second season asap


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