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Yuru Camp Sightseeing Anime

Camp, friends, food, location and campfire is all you need to enjoy your life.

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Yuru Camp, If you are looking for a camping trip and don’t know what, how to do then this anime will help you in basics. It is kawaii, beautiful, and informational. It is a story of a girl named Rin-Chan, who likes to go on campaign alone in the off-season to have all the place for herself. With Mount Fuji in the background and beside the lake, green grassland, and clear sky in winter.

1st few episodes of the season focus on a solo campaign. How to put the tent, food, stove, campfire procedure, heat pad, and other various things. As the story progresses she starts to go out with her friends also. But mc’ solo trips are the best of the series. The locations shown in the series are real and fascinating. Even watching it on TV makes you feel relax.

The animation is simple for characters but turns completely different when campaign locations are considered. Sometimes they feel real. The characters are very funny. Especially the Nadeshiko-Kun, an energetic with larger-apatite. A drunkard teacher, a nice-looking lady, and a lot of confusion about whether the person standing next to you is a girl or boy.

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If you are looking to camp somewhere this anime can guide you to your one of the best moment of life. It also showcases the various food items and things you must do while going on the campaign. After watching this, I would like to go to Japan and camp near Mt. Fuji.

Screenshot from Youtube

Conclusion: A must-watch anime if you want to relax and have some fun at a time. The animation is average, but they did work where it is needed. Informative and funny to watch soothing background music.

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