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Anohana The tragedy of wish

A very beautiful song.

I won’t forget your great hopes and dreams for future, I believe we will meet in August 10 year’s from now, thank you for the memories.

Anohana: The flower we saw that day, a beautiful yet a sad anime I came across recently. Never thought things could be made complicated when someone leaves us. It is a story of 5 friends who got seperated due to death of one person, Meiko Honma.

After few years Gin tan started to see Honma in his apartment. First he thinks it is due to stress and he is hallucinating. But it wasn’t. He lost track of the world while other friends are in different school. She ask Gin to fullfill her last wish so that she can go to the heaven. And story takes a deep route through all the characters feeling related to Honma. How she is loved and hated at the same time.

There are break ups and love confession. Love, is what caused the main problem among them. We also get to see the love triangle. Too much of emotions are included, which makes you feel like it is part of our own lives, character are well written and more relatable in real life.

The wish, brings all the friends together and helps to fulfill the her last dream by celebrating fireworks. But it wasn’t the wish. I am not gonna say or spoil anything about it. But let me tell you this, the ending/wish definitely give you either chills or make you cry.

The animation is beautiful and songs are catchy. It dives too deep in the emotions, which might be indigestible for some people but it was needed for the ending. Short series of 11 episode. The series has ended but as the song says,’ we will meet again in August 10 years from now’, the project has been announced. It may arrive as OVA or there will be entire series we don’t know. But there will be something for all the fans who are waiting for it. Lets hope it will recieve entire season 2.

A lovely sad yet beautiful story on friendship is must and rewatch for everyone even for non anime lovers.

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