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Hajime No Ippo: Unbreakable tenacity

Tenacity means quality of holding something firmly. And this is something we otaku has, is finishing what we started. Hajime no ippo is a boxing anime from Madhouse released in 2000. 2000’s was the time when Big 3′ are making their impression in the anime world, NAruto, Bleach , One piece. It is released in the midst of them and is the same quality of Big 3. So must watch show for every otaku and every boxer fan.

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MC Ippo was a high school student who helps her mother for a living by handling the business left by his late father. He is an average student who was bullied by the nuts of class. But one day a boxer helps him from bullies and what happens next is worth watching. He never looks back. The story progresses with his training and other boxers who are the gust of fun in the entire show for most of the time. But even they are inspiring sometimes.

The fighting scene is worth a watch and easy to use in real life. The basics of science used for the body can bring out powerful force. The opponents are worth praise. The kind of opponents we have never seen so far better than the likes of Cell, Katakuri, and Pain. Some scenes are breathtaking and rewatchable. Adrenaline rush starts throughout your body and continues until the fight ends.

Character development is the key part of the series. Not just MC but also the side character has character development and sometimes they inspire you out of the blue with one-word Tenacity. Animation is top-notch and action scenes are impactful and you can feel it while watching it. Making it real is what I would like to describe this entire series.

Total 3 season with 1 special video. A quite a month entertainer for you all. 8/10 rating from me. Turn on your fighting spirit.

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