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This is one of the famous romcom anime of the 2020 after Kaguya and Chizuhara. Not basically but surely a love triangle. You might end up having katrina as your new wifu.

my next life as a villainess

What makes it so good is the way she thinks and changes the situation and determination to change the future. We human being, if we get this quality we can do wonderful things in our life.

It is iseki but mc doesn’t remember anything about past life. And she is a spoiled girl, completely selfish. But thing happens and she changes. She become good girl and start to remember things about her past life. But her day today activity are full of magic and happy moment. She is foody and like cookies and books. She likes making friends and saving them.

Life is going on and then there appears a villain to a story. Even he got twisted back story.

It’s a lite comedy and makes you blush all the time. Love triangle is something to be looked at. And best thing her mark on forehead makes her more kawaii.

Second season is on the way coming this year. A fresh romcom anime which will always brings smile upon your face. Don’t miss her charms.

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